Malivoire Wine Company


Guided by Team Principal, Shiraz Mottiar, and Winemaker, Elisa Mazzi, award-winning Malivoire Wine crafts an exceptional roster of wine. For 25+ years, Malivoire’s commitment to sustainability in both agriculture and their communities has allowed guests to join a shared journey of discovery and stewardship. Wander through their striking boutique, partake in tastings with welcoming staff, relax on their seasonal patio, and become part of their story.



4260 King Street East
L0R 1B0


May – October
10 am – 6 pm
November – April
10 am – 5 pm


Elisa Mazzi, Winemaker, did not come from a wine industry family, but born in Verona, on the doorstep of the Valpolicella wine region of northern Italy, she had grown up surrounded by vineyards and wineries. Their presence was infectious; after briefly considering physiotherapy for a vocation, Elisa enrolled in a Viticulture and Oenology university program in Trento.

On graduation in 2010, her next step was to gain experience, but opportunities in Italy were limited. Portentously, an acquaintance convinced her the burgeoning Canadian wine industry might be a be a more promising path for her resume. Being unilingually Italian, Elisa had to gain English language skills, but she landed a temporary cellar position at Jackson-Triggs. Her Canadian career could have ended after only a taste; she went to New Zealand next for a harvest with Oyster Bay, but with valuable experience gained in sparkling wines, red wines and sauvignon blanc, she returned to Canada, where she came to the attention of Shiraz Mottiar, then Winemaker at Malivoire.

Shiraz was recruiting for the 2011 harvest and hired Elisa as cellar hand and lab technician. Her work ethic impressed him, and the position became permanent. Within five years, he had promoted her to Assistant Winemaker, with lead responsibility for sparkling wines. It was soon apparent that Elisa would be his natural successor when the time came.

Shiraz knows the reputation he built for Malivoire has been entrusted to strong hands. He’ll tell you he has proudly observed Elisa’s willingness to take on ever-greater responsibilities and to put her own stamp on them. He knows she has immersed herself in the culture and creativity that built Malivoire’s reputation.  Still, if Elisa should have winemaking adventures of her own in mind for Malivoire’s future, what then? Shiraz dismisses the question with a confident wave; “We crush grapes here, not dreams”.