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To help you understand the unique characteristics of Ontario wines, every VQA wine label shows where the grapes are grown – just look for the appellation name between the VQA letters on the label.

VQA enforces winemaking standards and label integrity through a rigorous certification program that you can trust. When you see VQA on the bottle, you’ll know that it’s passed intensive testing to ensure the highest of wine standards.

Every VQA wine is crafted from 100% Ontario-grown grapes, so you can feel confident and proud that it’s an authentic local wine.

Label Markings

Wine labels can be confusing but can also give you some key information about what you will find inside the bottle. The VQA logo is not always present on the label but look out for the VQA markings surrounding the appellation to be sure your wine choice is 100% VQA certified.

Winery: This can be the name of the winery where the wine is manufactured, or the brand name of the wine that is made by that particular winery.

Vintage: This is the year that the grapes were grown. Often times, the wines are aged for a number of years before bottling.

Grape Variety: The type of grape (or grapes) that are contained in the bottle. Sometimes wineries do not list the grape varieties and instead use a proprietary name, particularly if it is a blend of different grape varieties.

Appellation: Where the grapes are grown. Wineries may choose to show the appellations, the sub-appellation or even the specific vineyard where the grapes are grown.

Certification: Always look for the VQA letters surrounding the appellation to ensure that the wine is certified and 100% Ontario grown grapes.

Capacity: The volume of wine in the bottle. The standard bottle is 750ml but larger and smaller sizes are sometimes available.

Alcohol by Volume: The amount of alcohol that the wine contains. Different varieties, vintages and winemaking techniques can all affect this number.