Fresh Wines Home of Shiny Apple Cider


The Hunse Family purchased our property when they immigrated to Canada from Holland in 1954.  Originally wide open pasture land, Grace and Lambert Hunse established a family farm growing a selection of vegetables and tender fruit including apples, strawberries, asparagus and tomatoes.  The family replanted as vineyards in 1985, the chardonnay block right outside our front door has vines that are over forty years old!    Now home to 27 acres of planted grapes and 11 unique varietals.  Fresh Wines specialize in bright, exciting varietals that are well suited to growing grapes in Niagara.

​Going back to our apple roots, in 2014 we launched Shiny Apple Cider and  we launched Fresh Wines. The property is now 27 acres and has 11 grape varieties under vine.



1242 Irvine Road
L0S 1J0


Wednesday - Sunday
11:00 am - 5:00 pm