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Looking for a VQA Wine to love? Look no further!
Below you will find a selection of VQA Wines perfect for your next get-together, gift or food pairing.
Find a single wine or create and save multiple wish lists – one for every occasion.
Our easy-to-use VQA Matchmaker connects you directly to Ontario wineries – buying direct has never been easier!

1. Get searching - use criteria on the left of the screen to narrow your selections.
2. Get all the details on your favourite VQA wine - click on your preferred VQA wine to find a description and tasting notes.
3. Connect to purchase - click on “Shop Winery” to purchase direct from the winery online or “Shop LCBO” to purchase online or at a store near you.
4. Use the ‘heart’ to make customized VQA Matchmaker wish lists – find your own VQA Matches to save and share with you friends.

Other ways to buy: Find VQA wines at the LCBO or an Ontario grocery store near you.


Not sure where to start? Find ready-made, specially curated VQA wine lists by clicking below.

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Andre De Grasse Limited Edition
Pillitteri Estates Winery
Old Vines Baco Noir
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery
Small Lot Malbec
Stoney Ridge Estate Winery
Frogpond Farm Organic Winery
Classic Baco Noir
Henry of Pelham Family Estate Winery
Inniskillin Baco Noir
Inniskillin Niagara Estate Wines
2018 Musuko Marquette
Schatz Winery by Hessenland Inn
Drea’s Dornfelder
Drea’s Wine Co.



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