PORT Restaurant


PORT was founded in 2008 by restaurateur Todd Morgan, rooted in his hospitality and business management experience gained across North America and combined with his passionate focus to bring an elevated, “can’t wait to return” dining experience to the East GTA.

PORT prides itself on being a valued anchor for the community, both today and for years to come, and will celebrate our 10 year anniversary in 2018.

PORT is recognized as the best restaurant experience in the East GTA with a strong foundation rooted in the “scratch cooking” that’s a strong part of the North American culinary explosion of the past decade.

Our Beverage Team strives to (re)create cocktails that reflect the passion and skill of the original bartender(s). Our craft and international beer selection rotates seasonally focusing on quality producers.

Our Products are sourced seasonally and ethically. We prepare each offering using quality in-house ingredients. We work alongside with Feast ON, OceanWise, OCTA, Durham Tourism, Ontario’s Central Counties to create a unique #TasteofPlace that showcases and promotes our amazing backyard.



1289 Wharf St.
L1W 1A2