Barrel Restaurant


It’s funny – people crave the comfort of the familiar, but at the same time love a bit of surprise. We like things traditional and real yet we celebrate individuality above all else. We know, because at the Barrel we’re the same way. We like fresh honest ingredients. A little olive oil, a dash of parmigiano, garlic, and pasta. That is how it all started and that’s how we still do it today.

We like the warmth of an open kitchen. We like the sights and sounds of service that’s polished yet personal – all in a sophisticated setting but most of all, we love food! Because at the Barrel, that is where all these wonderful ideas combine to make something truly special. It’s the very best of traditional Italian, sprinkled with fresh new thinking. It’s chefs who love the classics, yet are inspired to create new masterpieces of their own. Familiar, yet unexpected. Timeless flavours that get better every time. It’s this happy marriage of opposites that make us who we are. That’s so the Barrel!



131 Queensway West
N3Y 2M8