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Venture up towards the Nation’s capital for the newest Emerging Region. The grey limestone of the Ottawa Formation provides the foundation for top-quality, cool-climate wines that are turning heads North. Santé!

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Close to Toronto

A short jaunt for Torontonians and a delicious destination for visitors from afar, the region north of the city offers a selection of wineries certain to impress. For those looking to stock up on the way to cottage country, these wineries offer convenient options.

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Nearby Niagara and the North Shore of Lake Erie may dominate the conversation, but it’s the whispers about Norfolk that should perk up your ears. Set midway between the bustle of these neighbouring wine regions, this area continues to build a budding wine scene. Cruise along the broad expanses of fertile farmland and save some time to wander in the popular beach town of Port Dover. Be sure to toast your flair for fresh new finds.

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Elgin County

Elgin County is located in Southwestern Ontario just a short drive from London, Ontario. This region, known for its country charm, trendy stores and stunning beaches, is perfect for a scenic rural drive or bike ride. This budding new wine region, which also boasts a diverse assortment of cuisine, is definitely worth a stop.

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Georgian Bay

Prepare for spectacular views and sensational tastes nestled here among the lush, rolling hills that overlook Georgian Bay. As this region continues to welcome a steady flow of urbanities looking for a permanent retreat, take the opportunity now to experience what is sure to become a flourishing wine scene. Stay at your leisure or venture a little further north to enjoy a refreshing encounter with the bay, either on the southern beaches, up the Bruce Peninsula or along the rugged beauty of the eastern shoreline.

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Huron Shores

Declarations of “Go West!” have never been more fitting for wine enthusiasts. The promise of greater things gradually emerges along the shoreline of Lake Huron as a number of wineries have established a beachhead in the region. While more activity on the vineyard front is sure to surface, keep in mind that stunning beaches, cultural activities, culinary adventures and more also beckon. Between vineyard visits and nosing around neighbouring villages, go squeeze some sand between your toes, savour lingering sunsets and toast the good fortune of fresh adventure.

Download the map for a look at all the wineries in Huron Shores.

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