i4C (International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration)



July 23, 2021


First held in 2011, the i4C – short for the International Cool Climate Chardonnay Celebration – is a wine event unlike any other, blending premium wines, Niagara’s world-class culinary scene and immersive wine education into a long weekend that absolutely overflows with fun.

In 2020, we used the internet to gather our local and international winery participants and their fans, and moved our event online. As the global situation continues to separate us, we are looking forward to another enhanced virtual i4C from July 23-25 to bring the Cool Climate Chard world together. We are excited to reveal the details of our virtual weekend below! This year’s School of Cool is on Friday, July 23 and will again be the coolest “home schooling” ever, with access for a worldwide audience.

Stay tuned for registration details on the below events!

Friday, July 23 | School of Cool: Homeschool Edition
(Zoom Events)

Dissecting Chardonnay! – At a Molecular Level
Join world-renowned Canadian Francois Chartier, creator of the aromatic science of “Molecular Harmonies” and author of the world best seller Taste Buds and Molecules, for a journey into the complex characteristics of chardonnay.

Learn to Taste Like a Master of Wine – A Study in Chardonnay
Join Canadian Master of Wine, Michelle Cherutti-Kowal as she takes us through a mind-probing journey of how to taste wine in an intellectual, yet approachable way. Michelle sits on the Educational Committee at the Master of Wine Institute and reminds us how everything we experience “in the glass” is the secret to the story of any wine. Join us as she takes us through the MW assessment process while tasting cool climate chardonnay from 5 key wine regions.

Is the World’s Favourite White Wine Grape the Most Sustainable?
The i4C welcomes back Jamie Goode author of Authentic Wine as he investigates the many facets of sustainability with a focus on Chardonnay. Join him in a dynamic panel discussion with views from around the world. Surely, Chardonnay makes ‘sustainable sense’ if it’s one of the world’s most planted grapes – but how so?

Saturday, July 24 | Cool Chardonnay Celebration

Get your backyard ready to celebrate with Cool-Climate Chardonnay and a delicious menu paired to enjoy the warmth of summer nights. Delivered right to your door, stay tuned for details on the Cool Chardonnay Backyard Dinner Kit and Chardonnay Wine Packs. We look forward to another year of fun – celebrating the world’s favourite white-wine grape!