Feast On The Farm: Niagara Benchlands



Vineland Estates Winery
3620 Moyer Road
Vineland L0R 2C0


October 16, 2022
11:00 am - 3:00 pm


Welcome to Niagara Benchlands! This is a special place where rural hospitality collides with urban ingenuity. Seasoned chefs are serving up the finest food inspired by the innovation, hard-work and creativity of local farmers.

Join us in the vineyard at Vineland Estates to meet the people creating change in Ontario’s food and drink space and indulge in creations by some of the best chefs in Ontario.

Every ticket includes: A selection of dishes curated by participating chefs.  A variety of beverages from local purveyors.  A behind-the-scenes experience.  A $25 Feast On® Gift Voucher that can be redeemed at participating Feast On® restaurants