2022 TEXSOM Awards Results

From humble beginnings, this conference (TEXSOM) has become the leading sommelier conference in the world and draws nearly 1,300 of the wine industry’s most influential leaders to Dallas each year.

The TEXSOM International Wine Awards arranges award entries by category of beverage, place of origin, and type. The final list of all winners includes: Judges’ Selections, Traditional Method Sparkling Wines, Other Sparkling Wines, Fortified (Dry and Sweet), Sake, White Wines, Rosé and Blush Wines, Red Wines, Ciders, and Fruit, Flavored and Honey Wines. Entries in the TEXSOM International Wine Awards are blind-tasted and judged by 60-70 internationally renowned tastemakers from six countries, including Master Sommeliers, Masters of Wine, and other category experts.

Below are this year’s Ontario VQA winery winners – 4 award-winning wineries and 12 medals awarded:

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Strewn Icewine Riesling 2017 Judges’ Selection Medal

Reif Estate Winery Grand Reserve Vidal Ice Wine 2019 Platinum Medal

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery Howard’s Icewine Vidal 2017 Gold Medal

Strewn Terroir Riesling 2019 Silver Medal

Strewn Muselet Non-Vintage Silver Medal

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery Robert’s Block Riesling 2019 Silver Medal

Drea’s Wine Co. Cabernet Franc 2020 Bronze Medal 2022

Reif Estate Winery Riesling 2020 Bronze Medal

Reif Estate Winery Gewürtztraminer Reserve 2019 Bronze Medal

Strewn Riesling Lively Demi-Sec 2020 Bronze Medal

Strewn Icewine Cabernet Franc 2017 Bronze Medal

Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery The Chestnut Tree Cabernet Franc 2018 Bronze Medal