Radius Restaurant


We love local! We want to celebrate all of the great food and artists who make great stuff in our local radius. From our farm in Carlisle, that’s been producing food for our community since 1945, to our partnerships with other great farmers and local suppliers, we are about continuing to source as much as we can within our radius.

Our goal is to re-introduce you to an era when food and drink did not come pre‑packaged and tasted uniformly blah, but instead was masterfully prepared by a team that love to cook and aim to please. Where possible, ingredients are sourced from our community’s great farmers, including our own farm and craftspeople — and we believe that you can taste the difference. From farm fresh eggs and locally baked goods, to naturally grown seasonal vegetables, our chef takes what arrives that morning and makes beautiful food from it that day.



151 James Street South
L8P 2Z5