Le Select Bistro


We, at Le Sélect, strongly believe that what we put in our body three times a day has an impact on how we feel. Since the art of cooking starts with a fresh and live product, we went looking at the source, roaming the province in search of food with flavour and nutrients, food that makes us or keeps us healthy, real food, issued from sustainable farming as well as sustainable aquaculture and fisheries, food grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, food bred without hormones, growth promotants, or antibiotics.

We house Toronto’s biggest and best wine list, featuring over 1,000 different labels. On the shelves of our cellar are vintages dating back to 1947 alongside new wines waiting to be discovered. Our list covers the whole winemaking world and ranges in price from $25 to $2,500. You’ll find all the established heavyweights, alongside unusual and little-known wines that you’ll be glad to discover.



432 Wellington Street
M5V 1E3