Grey Gardens


You can never be all things to all people, but you can make a restaurant that meets all your needs, and maybe other people’s too. That’s really what Grey Gardens is, a place that at first glance seems like a vibrant room – full of people happily slurping wine and oysters and scraping the last of a buttery black truffle sauce off a hand crafted ceramic plate (that’s somehow, just the right plate for a sauce of this consistency) – but it’s really whatever you want it to be, within that vibrancy. It’s a wine bar, where you bring new dates or hang with old friends (is this a Kelsey’s website??) with a really great cider list (and a secret sake menu), it’s the fancy anniversary dinner you reserved a month in advance, it’s your once a week drop-in spot (you always get the same thing), and it’s where you book your birthday parties for 8 to 14 people in our gorgeous, wine cellar adjacent private dining room. It’s exactly the restaurant I want to eat and drink and spend time in, and let’s face it, if we, as restaurateurs aren’t making spaces that suit us, what’s even the point of all this?



199 Augusta Ave.
M5T 2L4