Introduction to Plant-Based Cooking – SOLD OUT



Cave Spring Vineyard Tasting Room
4043 Cave Spring Road
Beamsville L0R 1B1


April 22, 2023
11:00 am - 2:00 pm


Join Cave Spring and Chef Fraser Fitzgerald to learn new and exciting ways to eat. Plant-based cuisine is filled with incredible flavour and wonderful benefits, and is yours to discover on Saturday, April 22nd. We are collaborating again with our friend Chef Fraser for an introduction to plant-based cooking – if you want to acquaint yourself with new dishes, have different options for dinner guests, or simply discover new ingredients and techniques, this class will give you a versatile toolkit for making some amazing vegan

The class will start with a lesson in knife skills as Chef makes a crispy, creamy avocado salad, followed by scallion ‘cream cheese’ and smoked carrot crostinis. The class will finish with a wild mushroom ‘seafood’ pasta. Wine pairings included with each course of course!

This interactive session will allow each guest to indulge in each dish and have any and all questions answered! Everything in class will be plant based. Space is very limited for this event so be sure to book early.