Guide to Canada’s Best Wines 2020

Each summer since 2001, The WineAlign National Wine Awards of Canada had been taking the pulse of Canada’s wine quality by assembling over 20 judges from several provinces to taste almost 2000 wines over five days. In 2020 we couldn’t safely do that. Instead, we asked Canada’s wineries to pre-select what they deemed to be their best wines, and send them to our Toronto office for tasting by five Ontario WineAlign judges and critics. We received 850 wines in 15 categories, and tasted them – physically distanced – over a five-week period in October and November. The results will be published every week for 4 weeks in November as a Guide to Canada’s Best Wines, with every wine fully reviewed by at least three critics at WineAlign. Just in time for your holiday shopping!


Top 9 Ontario Cabernet Francs

  • Thirty Bench Small Lot Cabernet Franc 2017, VQA Beamsville Bench  ($75)
  • Megalomaniac Reserve Cabernet Franc 2017, VQA Twenty Mile Bench  ($50)
  • Peller Estates Signature Series Cabernet Franc 2017, VQA Four Mile Creek  ($55)
  • Stratus Cabernet Franc 2017, VQA Niagara On The Lake  ($39)
  • Trius Showcase Red Shale Cabernet Franc 2017, VQA Four Mile Creek  ($55)
  • Megalomaniac Frank Cabernet Franc 2018, VQA Niagara Peninsula  ($30)
  • Cave Spring Cabernet Franc Estate 2018, Beamsville Bench  ($35)
  • Tawse Cabernet Franc Grower’s Blend 2017, VQA Niagara Peninsula  ($29)
  • Tawse Laundry Vineyard Cabernet Franc 2016, VQA Lincoln Lakeshore, Niagara Peninsula, Ontario  ($35)

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Top 4 Ontario Chardonnays

  • Leaning Post Senchuk Vineyard Chardonnay 2018, VQA Lincoln Lakeshore  ($45)
  • Tawse Chardonnay Quarry Road Vineyard 2016, VQA Twenty Mile Bench  ($37)
  • Stratus Chardonnay 2019, VQA Niagara-on-the Lake  ($49)
  • Cave Spring Cellars CSV Chardonnay 2018, VQA Niagara-on-the Lake  ($30)

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Top 7 Ontario Rieslings

  • Cave Spring Csv Riesling 2018, VQA Beamsville Bench  ($30)
  • Charles Baker Picone Vineyard Riesling 2017, VQA Vinemount Ridge  ($37)
  • Thirty Bench Small Lot Riesling Wild Cask 2017, VQA Beamsville Bench  ($30)
  • Trius Showcase Riesling Ghost Creek Vineyard 2018, VQA Four Mile Creek  ($30)
  • Thirty Bench Small Lot Riesling Triangle Vineyard 2017, VQA Beamsville Bench  ($30)
  • Flat Rock Nadja’s Vineyard Riesling 2018, VQA Twenty Mile Bench  ($25)
  • Leaning Post Riesling 2018, VQA Niagara Peninsula  ($25)

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Top 3 Ontario Sparklings

  • Henry Of Pelham Cuvée Catharine Carte Blanche Estate Blanc De Blanc 2015, VQA Short Hills Bench  ($50)
  • 13th Street Grande Cuvée Blanc De Noir 2013, VQA Creek Shores  ($60)
  • Thirty Bench Sparkling Riesling, VQA Beamsville Bench  ($39)

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