10th Annual Ontario Consumers' Choice Riesling Challenge 2016

This most unique, Customer - dedicated event, focusing on brilliant and exceptional Ontario Riesling. A drop in and a drop out event where the customer will be able to wander the store, and look for the sample stations placed throughout the store. As space will be limited, we can only accommodate 15 participants and as this is a new location, the customers will be banded and require the pourers to mark the wristband. Wineries can feature multiple styles of Riesling, from dry and off - dry. Trophies will be awarded for the winner in each of the two categories, dry and off-dry. Local food purveyors will provide snacks and coffee has been arranged from Planet Bean. A brilliant place to discover Ontario wine and support a great Charity. Participating customers will pay a $10.00 admission fee for which the participants will receive 4 tasting tickets. The collected admission goes directly to Bracelet of Hope (Canadian Registered Charitable number 837390947RR0001) Braceletofhope.ca Participating consumer will also receive a bracelet, which symbolize hope; one country reaching out to another and both transformed by the experience. Bracelet of Hope is an example of international cooperation, a project aimed to assist Lesotho in overcoming its AIDS pandemic. Dr. Anne-Marie Zajdlik, recipient of the Order of Ontario, an HIV physician in Guelph, Ontario co-ordinates the Bracelet of Hope project . In 2005, she founded and now directs the Masai Centre for Local, Regional and Global Health, in response to the growing numbers of HIV/AIDS patients in the Guelph area. She is a regional HIV specialist. Here is the list of confirmed wineries: Charles Baker Wines, Contraband Sparkling Wine Labs, Featherstone Estate Winery & Vineyard, Flat Rock Cellars, Foreign Affair Winery, Henry of Pelham Winery, Megalomaniac, Rosewood Estates Winery, Sprucewood Shores Estate Winery, Sue-Ann Staff Estate Winery, Thirteenth Street Winery, Vineland Estates Winery and Wildass.
Event Date: 
Saturday, May 28, 2016 -
13:00 to 16:00
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