VQA Wine Facts & Statistics

Ontario VQA Wine Industry Key Facts And Statistics

Contribution of VQA Wineries to Ontario’s Economy
Sales of VQA wine (total retail value for year ended March 2014): $ 395 million
Volume: 17.5 million litres
Every bottle of Ontario VQA wine sold in the province generates $12.29 in added value (above sales and direct markups) to the Ontario economy (source – KPMG Study of the Ontario Economic Impact of Ontario VQA wines, Nov 2011). The total value-add of the Ontario VQA wine industry is approximately $215 million.

Other Key Statistics of the Ontario VQA Wine Industry
VQA Wines – Sales (2014) – Retail value of VQA sales by sales channel (total $395 million)
LCBO:  $120.6 million
Winery Retail Stores:  $120.3 million
Interprovincial and Export:  $99.4 million
Wine delivered directly to licencees:  $55.2 million

VQA Wines – Production
Total – ALL wine (2014):  23.4 million litres / 2.6 million cases
Average annual Icewine:  800,000 litres
Average annual Late Harvest wine: 150,000 litres

Grape Production
Wine grape acreage:  17,000 acres (6,900 hectares)
Wine grapes processed (2013):  77,800 (metric) tonnes
of which, Vinifera grape processed (2013):  51,200 tonnes
Value of wine crop (2013):  $ 101 million
Value of vineyard land in Niagara:  $40,000 per acre

Number of VQA wineries
As at March 2014:  150
vs. number of wineries in 2008:  102
vs. number of wineries in 2003:  66

Wholesale value of VQA Sales (2012) (exports are split approximately 50% Icewine & 50% table wine):  $40 million
Top 10 Countries for Export:  United States, China, South Korea, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Malaysia, France
Ontario Wine Sold Outside of Ontario:  Click Here to see the list

Estimated number of visitors to wineries annually:  >1.8 million