Food & wine pairings

Pairing food and wine is an adventure. There are no absolutes. There is no secret code shared among the sommelier set. There are no rules that you need to live by suggesting that you must always pair white with poultry and red with beef.

First and foremost you should enjoy each culinary experience in your own way. But for those looking for more, a perfect pairing can be unforgettable magic. Think of pairing as a balancing act, in which you either complement the spiciness or weight of a dish with something equally substantial, or contrast it with a lighter option. Keep your mind open—and trust your tastebuds.

To help with your journey we have some great ideas on how Ontario wines – known to be especially food friendly – can be paired to create the memories you are looking for.

Seasonal Sensations from Ontario’s Sommeliers

We have asked some of our local top sommeliers to share with us some of their favourites. Have fun recreating these seasonal sensations and don’t forget to share with us by using the hashtag #winepairings.

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